Dr. Mads Engelund, Founder

After witnessing the power of the ever-expanding capabilities of new SPM techniques and the difficulty of fully understanding them, Dr. Engelund decided to start a company dedicated to collect knowledge of best-practices in SPM modeling and find solutions to empower SPM users to understand their data.

Completed projects

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Experimental Collaborators

Prof. Alex Redinger - Exploring how solar cells work at an atomic level

When most people, even scientists, just get excited about the amazing efficiency of thin-film solar, Prof. Redinger, digs one step deeper. He explores with atomic precision why they are so good - so we can learn how to do even better.

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Dr. Szymon Godlewski - STM expert constructing atomically precise patterns

Dr. Godlewski works with some of the toughest STM experiments around - on semiconductors. He makes progress by preparing ultra-clean surfaces, meticulously patterning the surface and only then doing the measurements. Dr. Godlewski must continually encourage theoreticians to learn the tools he needs in order to do his job. This problem, along with his treasure-trove of strange phenomena, has been one of the main inspirations for the founding of Espeem.   


Dr Barbara Lechner

 One of the strangest substances on Earth is also one of the most plentiful - water. Dr. Lechner has studied this material as a thin film - a challenging study that requires strong experimental-theory collaboration. She continues to tackle hard tasks, now looking into fast imaging of metal clusters where the three-dimensional shape of the tip becomes the resolution limit of any experiment.  




Theory Collaborators

Dr. Jorge Iribas Cerda - STM expert and creator of the Green code

The career of Dr. Cerda has revolved around STM modeling and he hasn't kept his knowledge to himself. By creating the fast and flexible Green code he has allowed reseachers around the world to understand the processes that take place in their surface experiments.

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Dr. Daniel Sanchez-Portal

Being one of the creators of the influential ab-initio code SIESTA, Dr. Sanchez-Portal has used this tools in hundreds of applications and has built an extraordinary versatile knowledge. He loves using his deep experience to go wherever his curiosity takes him.


Photo: Anna Hanen

Photo: Anna Hanen


Prof. Adam Foster

Prof. Adam Foster excels in linking SPM theory and experiment together. Not only does his group work closely with experimentalists to tease out the underlying reality of STM, AFM and KPFM data - but they have allowed everyone else to do the same with their powerful PyVAFM framework.




Prof. Ludger Wirtz

While striving to provide a theoretical description of Raman spectroscopy, Prof. Ludger Wirtz has left no quasi-particle unturned in his quest to describe this experiment. Knowledgeable of both vibrations, optical excitations and electron-electron interactions few researchers can boast of his breadth and depth of knowledge.

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